Weird Food Tradition



Summary: We are going to talk about the strangest food that is eaten in different parts of the world. These food items looks horrible still people eat. It looks yuck but people do really enjoy these meals.

Coming to the various strange food items from across the globe.



  • Baalut – It is basically prepared in Philippines, Cambodia. It is basically a fertilized duck or an egg that is buried into the ground for some weeks then eaten. Also called the egg with legs.

Baalut basically refers to the eggs of duck that have been perhaps incubated. It is boiled alive. The texture looks uniquely crunchy because of the bones.


You can find these from the street vendors who sell at night out of warm sand buckets.



  • Baby Mice Wine – It is a traditional health tonic basically prepared by the Chinese and the Korean people. The taste is somewhat like a raw gasoline. Preparation requires small mice’s plucked from their mothers and stuffed in the bottle of rice wine.  In china, not just they have mice wines but also snake wines that is similar concept where snakes are placed at the bottom of wine. Cobra is also places in the wine. These can be poisonous also but it is unclear as of now.


  • Bird’s Nest soup- it is basically made in China. It is a nest found in particular cave. Made from a bird called swiflet which is a tiny bird found all over Asia. Basically the caves we are talking about are the dark caves where these birds reside. These birds don’t use twigs and straws and stuffs. They used their own gummy saliva to make their nest that hardens when exposed to air. People who have made their livings this way from generations to generations basically adopt these. Too much of prying the nests can even cause death and many people die every year.

As the harvesting is done, they are sold to restaurant and served with the broth of chicken. It is very costly and tastes a little rubbery according to few people.



  • Brawn- also called headcheese that has started from Europe. It is not basically a cheese but a meal made with the head of pig or sheep or even cow. Different parts of heads are taking into consideration but generally the eyes, ears and brains are removed. It is flavored with onion, vinegar salt and many more. Best when eaten cold.
  • Blubber is basically a dish prepared from fat of sea mammals. Originated in Arctic Alaska.


So, these are basically the weirdest food one can ever have.