Traditions in food in Asia


Spring roll

Summary: As per the culture in Asia, food is not just to fulfill your stomach but it also helps you in reconnecting with the family with the help of food. There are different varieties of Asian food across different areas in Asia but is centered on the same principle.



Asian food is basically a kind of food cooked in rural area, which is made by using hard and cheap ingredients and with the help of flavor; the dish they serve becomes very extraordinary.


Time to be spent with family


Asian community has a lot of generations of people such as the child, parents of that child, grand and great-grandparents. All of them stay together below one roof. And most of the meals are always consumed at home only making it very regular for the family members to sit and have meal together and communicate with each other.


Regions providing varieties of Asian cuisines


Major regions are basically three when it comes to Asian cuisine. The southwest part is totally influenced by countries like Dubai, which is the most famous of Middle East and also of India. The influences in food are kebabs, breads and many more. The northeast cuisine of Asia is influenced by Chinese and Japanese cuisines such as chow mien, fried rice, Manchurian, chilly chicken and many more. The Asian cuisine and the actual taste of Chinese cuisines vary according to the tastes and preference of the people across different locations.



Most of the people in Asia consume rice (boiled or fried), Breads and chow mien.

Consumption of fruits is also on a daily basis but there is limited consumption of dairy products and beef.


The flavor and textures generally vary across areas. In the east, almost all the spices are applied in a dish taking from sweet, bitter, salty and spicy. The dish won’t consist of just one flavor but a blend of all flavors that gives the food the lovely aura it deserves. All the various combinations are added taking into consideration equal proportions because any one thing can also make the whole diet not eatable.


Traditions of food in Asia shows the lovely way how people cook the various cuisines outsourced from different countries and even helping in stabilizing the connection of belonging among the family.


Top Asian Food’s

  • Pork Strips- Originated from Korea
  • Teriyaki Chicken- Even used in Subway outlets
  • Cold Spring Rolls- Derived from Vietnam
  • Asian Fruit Salad
  • Thai noodles and rice
  • Ice Tea- Thai
  • Barbeque Chicken wings- Vietnamese
  • Tangerine Chicken
  • Soba Noodles
  • Mongolian Beef