Summary: This article talks about the top ten food traditions in the United Kingdom. Basically we all know that U.K is famous for so many things which includes it culture, traditions, places, tourist spots and food. Here in this article we will discuss about its food and various food traditions.

Out of the European countries, UK has always been famous for its rich culture and so many things. Here in this article we will discuss about the food traditions being followed in UK. As we all know that different countries have their different food traditions. Similarly even UK has its own food tradition which is distinct from that of others. We are going to mention to mention 10 of its food traditions in this article namely:

ROAST BEF AND YORKSHIRE PUDDING- Well this is a traditional dish usually served on Sundays.

FISH AND CHIPS- It is a ginger flavored batter with spicy brill fillets and with a light petit pois dressing.

SHEPHERD’S PIE- This is basically a light dish which is serving of welsh goat’s with cheese and soft leeks.

STEAK AND KIDNEY PIE- Well this dish is basically a classical English dish. It usually takes a lot of time to be cooked.

CULLEN SKINK- Basically it is a traditional Scottish smoked haddock soup which is full of flabvors and is easy to prepare.

SAUSAGE AND MASH- It is a juicy sausage which is served with a tasty onion gravy sauce and creamy mashed potatoes. Unsalted butter, olive oil, sliced onions, chopped garlic, sugar , red wine and beef is requires to make the gravy.

GREAT BRITISH FRY UP- It is served during the breakfast time. It is prepared using dry cured wild boar, eggs, beef and horseradish sausages, Southport tomato and sprigs rosemary.

RHUBARB AND CUSTARD- It creates a heaven like feeling as warm flavors of star anise, cinnamon, and vanilla which is served custard.

FISH PIE- It is one of the dishes that are famous all round the UK.

TRIFLE- Well this classical English dessert is one of the most delightful sweet dishes being served in the UK. It just completes a proper meal and is served in most of the old and traditional restaurants in the UK.

Basically we have named the top 10 English dishes which are being served in respective parts of the UK. These are distinct from each other and special in their own way.