Tradition that depicts orthodox nature



Summary:  Orthodox is basically related to specific things. It is basically related to religions but can be even found out in the various foods across the nation. I am now going to discuss about the Easter food that has been followed as a tradition across the globe.


The chocolate bunny in modern terms it is called the Easter but this modern word has carried out the old tradition across various nations of the world. The dish varies from nation to nation. In United Kingdom it is the sweet hot buns where as in Norway it refers to the oranges and in Columbia termed as rodent buffets.


If you want to try different types of Easter, there is a compilation of various countries where Easter is prepared in unusual way and following customs which are typical: –


v  Moldova- In this country, Easter basically refers to religious holiday. This holiday is seen in the orthodox calendar. At this moment of life, everyone celebrates in Moldova, people and families gather together to have fun time and a lot of food is made.  They even play the knocking eggs game where they knock down people with the eggs. This is how Easter is celebrated in Moldova with full fun and pleasure. Traditionally, people eat pasca which is bread stuffed with lamb meat

v  Italy – During the Easter Monday, some of the cities of Italy have concerts being announced which are free of costs to attend and even have the egg knocking game. They play the awesome game called ruzollone usually played by the men and they roll cheese across the walls. Traditionally, lamb or goat with the special Easter bread

v  Greece- Basically a very orthodox place. Easter celebrations here are a very big thing. Traditionally, served on tsoureki that is sweet bread.

v  France- The bun is a rare thing in France. Easter is market with appearance of April fool’s day. The children play the funny trick of putting paper fish into other people’s back.


French people serve lamb with Eggs and Easter.


v  Germany- it is called Oesterhase, which refers to a symbol founded in Germany itself. Traditionally, the day is spent with the family and gets a baked cake in the form of lamb and is consumed on Monday.



There are other countries like Hungary, Norway, Australia and Paraguay that also celebrates this orthodox food in their own traditional way.